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        Hangzhou kangman textile co., LTD. Is a 30 years old textile printing and dyeing factory restructuring, located in the beautiful hangzhou west lake.Rely on technical force as well as the combination of old and new original marketing team, consumer demand as the direction, with strong production capacity and experience, in the competition of international market, continuous development, innovation, service, quality and cost control as the core of the competition, after honing and development, and gradually formed a class for high-end silk dress fabrics and functional outdoor fabrics is given priority to, in a special practical tooling fabric is complementary to the comprehensive enterprise.

      The company focuses on product research and development, has its own laboratory, can according to the requirements of customers to design and develop fabrics, for a large number of domestic and foreign clothing brands to provide distinctive services, and has been awarded five national invention patents.In 2018, the company has opened offices in Portugal in Europe, ho chi minh in Vietnam and Los Angeles in the United States, providing more timely and diversified services to our guests in different regions.We always believe and encourage ourselves: whether it is the marketing team, or our quality inspection team, assistant team, must be simple, serious, determined attitude to do a good job in every fabric, to create more value for customers ------ this is the basis of our continuous progress.


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     Hangzhou kangman textile co., LTD was formerly a wholly owned subsidiary of wansli group hangzhou wansli silk printing and dyeing co., LTD.Due to the strategic adjustment of the group company, the company restructured on January 1, 2014 and formed a textile company which was jointly owned by the group company and employees and mainly engaged in domestic and foreign trade.
The company is located at no. 32, jidinglu, jianggan district, hangzhou. In July 2014, it moved to the industrial park of the group company in xiasha.Products to silk fabrics and outdoor fabrics based.After the restructuring, the company invested a lot of money, explored a variety of sales channels, constantly developed and improved new products, and tried to develop a bigger market in the textile market.

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